Car Body Repairs

A couple of years ago around New Year time I returned home from a shopping trip, on parking my car in the garage I noticed a small dent and scratch on the passengers side door.

As the car was relatively new it made the damage stand out – after a lot of thought I decided to undertaken the repair myself – for two reasons, firstly at the time of the car damage I had just moved to Byfleet, Surrey and didn’t know anyone who could recommend a car body repair shop in Byfleet, also Byfleet is a small village town, which is virtually surrounded by two rivers – the river wey and the river mole.

During my travels around the village it was rare to see a vehicle repair garage let alone a car body repair shop. Secondly I didn’t feel it was necessary to have the work undertaken by a car body repair shop as the damage was small. Our website provides info on  car body repairs dublin

After purchasing the body filler, sandpaper, primer paint and matching finish colour paint – I got cracking on the job, and what a job it was! Boy do you need patience for this sort of work, as its constant rubbing down and then refilling with the body filler until its all very smooth and fine indeed.

It took a lot longer than I though, to long in fact! But I did complete the job and the paint finish came out good – I was pleased with myself!

Until about four months later – I started to see rust spots showing!

I started asking around in the local village shops of Byfleet if anyone knew of a good Car Body Repair Shop in the area – this turned out to be difficult. As one long time resident told me that fifty years ago byfleet was a just a small country village, with hardly any shops or garages, those were the days when residents grew there own food, or as in his case used to own a field near by, which he grew and harvested food in season and delivered to the local green-grocers. But that had all changed with the emergence of the giant super markets and office blocks and more housing – but in all that time not many car body repair shops!

Eventually I managed to locate a very good Car Body Repair Shop which turned out to be near to my residence, but I would have never found it until the person who highly recommended it explained exactly how to find it. After a lengthy discussion with the proprietor I learned why the rust spots appeared! There is a lot more to this sort of work than most people think.

Without getting to technical and explaining all the specialty procedures for this type of work I’ll sum up by saying – basically these types of body shops have the very latest techniques and employ only the highest trained technicians, ensuring a high quality service every time.