Luxury Manhattan Apartments – Notting Hill Furniture

The trend of today’s luxury apartments is having a Clubhouse within the premise of the building. The clubhouse should have distinguished look for their furniture to attract people.

No matter how much thought process people put behind the furniture of the individual apartments, not many seem to care for the furniture of this clubhouse. Not until they are actually there. Our website provides info on  Manhattan Apartments – Notting Hill

What furniture the clubhouse owner will pick depends on what kind of services the clubhouse offers. So, let’s have a look at the common picks for the clubhouse at different occasions.


During any program organized in the banquet of the clubhouse, people organize mostly buffet furniture. The interior decor of a buffet varies in a wide range.

The rule is simple- the buffet should be luxurious and the furniture chosen should be quite durable. You should be able to clean the furniture easily. So, laminate style table and metal or wooden chairs could make a wise choice.

-Bistros Setting

Generally, bistros have a casual ambiance. So, when the clubhouse arranges a bistro setting, the furniture should create an intimate set-up. Round top tables with simple bases and padded chairs with simple design should be the best choice for these bistros. These should be pretty comfortable as well.

-Cafe Setting

Typically, clubhouses have a cafe area. Small and intimate tables with round or square top are the best choices for the cafeteria. The chair should be quite comfortable allowing people to spend hours in read a book or catching up with a dear friend.

It is also important that the chairs are impressive and have innovative designs to impress the people of all age.

-Brasserie Setting

A brasserie is a small restaurant with an upscale decor. The restaurant inside a Clubhouse always have fancy, upscale decor. The tables should sit on elegant wooden tops.

Couple them with designer bentwood chairs and that is going to be the ideal choice for this setting. Remember, clubhouse of the luxury apartments in Kolkata or elsewhere, is are all about elegance. So, it is important to choose furniture which can live up to that elegance.

-The pub area

The pub area of the Clubhouse is a heavy traffic area. This is one of the most high-quality corners where you can find expensive and good quality food and drinks.

They also brew beer on their premises. Wooden restaurant tables do really good for such high-quality pub area. These wooden tables should be paired up with stunningly designed bentwood chairs. Classy looking resin tables are also a great pick for these pubs.

These are some popular kinds of furniture setting for specific type of interior decoration. In the clubhouses of luxury apartments, irrespective of the setting and design, setting up beautiful yet sturdy furniture is must. So, the materials must be picked accordingly.